Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drummond's Scrap/Guest Book

Hey, Crafters.  I love making Scrap/Guest books.  The first 5 pages are scrap pages and the next 6 are for guest to sign.  I try to leave blank pages at the end.  That way if they want to add more they can.  Drummond worked with my husband and retired in July.  I wanted to make him something nice.  I went down to the local scale they work out of.  I took pictures of his badge, car plate{upper right}, his name plate{inside the book}and him with his car.  The blue that covers the book is the color of the squad cars.  They also use dark blue and yellow the car decals and patches.  It is hard to see in pictures that I used a zig zag stich around the edge.  I used Platinum School Book for the letters and numbers  The ribbon were from the Stand and Salute cartridge. The badge and plate on the top left and right are pictures.  The badge looks real in person.  The middle right is an actual patch.  I added a rolled rose and aluminum roses to the bottom of the patch.  The gun is a picture of the actual gun they carry.  The sign under says, "The Few, The Proud, The M.V.E."  Then his dates of service.  He loved the book.  You know when you get done with something.  Then you pat yourself on the back.  This was one of them.  LOVE IT!!!  Thanks for stopping, Robbin XOXO

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