Thursday, November 1, 2012

Carriage Carved Pumpkin

Hi everyone!!! I love the Cinderella story.  I even had vinyl lettering on the back of my van that says "Cinderella's Van".  So, that is why my bestie Meagan made me a Pumpkin Carriage.  The darn thing turned to mold in 3 days.  Do know why?  We were so bummed out, found one on Pinterest and   explains how we came up with the idea.  This carved pumpkin is #1 on my favorite list of projects.    Our little town has a Halloween day.  They had a pumpkin person and decorated pumpkin contest.  WE WON!!!  The city also has a hot dog bound fire for the citizens of our town.  Then a Unhaunted and Haunted hay rack ride that night.  It was a lot of fun.
The decoration on the pumpkin is mostly costume jewelry, Micheal's $1 frames and bling, metallic gold paint, button on the wheels and used my Cricut cartridge Elegant Edges for the windows.  Do you think I can figure out which cartridge I used for the wheels.  Nope, don't you hate that.  The wheels were cut out of plywood along with the front seat. 
Here is the link to my Youtube video: for all the other details
Thank you Hugs Robbin