Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miranda's Prom Layout

Hi, Bloggers.  Wow has our lives have been crazy.  We made it through Prom & Graduation.  I made 3 guestbooks, this framed layout and 2 wall hangings in the last month.  They all turned out perfect.  This young lady asked me to make this for her.  She brought me her corsage, his flower, the feathers she wore in her hair, the ticket to get in the dance, the drawing an artist drew at after prom and the picture.  I had a hard time working with the feathers.  They didn't want to stay in place while I designed the layout.  I had to add few feathers cuz it was alittle empty and everything else I thought to add looked stupid.  The ticket layer perfect on top.  Her picture fit so nice in the headband.  The boyfriends boutonniere looks perfect with the drawing.  I added black pearls to the bottom left to balance out the dark colors up above.  Her corsage would not fit between the glass.  It looks great on the outside edge.
If you have any questions yell, Hugs Robbin

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