Friday, May 25, 2012

Derek's Graduation Guestbook

A friend of mine here in our little town Julie asked me to make this book.  Her son's name is Derek just like mine.  When we moved here who would have thought there would be two Derek's. then our last names are very similar.  They call this Derek, Big Derek and mine Little Derek.  This past January another Derek moved to town too.  I don't know if they called him medium Derek, LOL.
I guess I will get to the book.  She wanted it to be more of an autograph book.  I just put a lot of blank white pages in the middle.  We did put the Gift/Thank you pages in.  He is headed off to the Army in July.  I wanted to wait till she brought the family picture to add embellishments.  I so love the fall pictures they took of him.  Then like always I finish with a memory pocket at the end.  I do have more pictures at my FB page, Robbin CrazedCrafter.  Thanks Hugs Robbin

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