Tuesday, January 4, 2011

250 Subbies on Youtube!!!

Crazedcrafter on Youtube just hit 250 friends on Youtube. I am starting to get the hang of talking on camera. Those of you that make videos know what I mean. I really have a hard time figuring out programs. I am hoping to get some graphics made for my Blog Youtube and FB. Thank you for watching my videos and please become a follower here on my Blog.
Crafters Rock, Robbin!!!


  1. I would love some help on this video making...any advice for me? I have a new bloggie and I'm not great at with gadgets...please help...lol

  2. I am just starting out myself. This blog thing is new here. You should be giving me advise how to set up my blog. Your blog is way better then mine. To start making videos make sure you have good lighting. Mine is not the greatest but not bad. It is hard to get the hang of talking "to yourself". Let me know when you get started.